Internship (MNG144, VVA)

Course annotation

It is a practical course which is designated for practical application of knowledge and skills that were acquired during the studies. The major focus in the course is on practical managerial and business aspects as well as solving a real business problem that are usually not evident to students because of the lack of practical experience in business.

During the internship students work in selected company. There are two ways of finding a company for an internship:

  • Place of internship is found by a student;
  • ISM Career centre supports in finding an internship place.

While working in a company student gets knowledge on technology processes in the company, the problems appearing in the company.  Therefore they collect general information on a company, define the area for improvement in a company and implement solutions. Students submit internship project report to Study department on appointed time and present (defend) it in class on appointed time.

Overall volume of internship is 15 credits (405 academic hours). Out of them:

  1. 360 hours are internship in company;
  2. 10 hours are in class activities;
  3. 35 hours are student‘s self-study.

Objectives of the course

Internship of Business Management and Analytics is intended for familiarisation with practical management aspects. Goals of the internship:

  • to increase students‘ understanding about managerial business practices;
  • to consolidate specialization knowledge that was acquired during the studies;
  • to provide practical skills that are necessary in solving real business management problems in company.

Learning outcomes

  • To be able to implement analysis of internal company factors.
  • To be able to implement strategic market analysis.
  • To be able to identify problem of a business in selected functional area.
  • To be able to present findings in written or oral form, be able to reason proposed decisions.
  • To be able to analyse business problems using particular methods applicable for company analysis.