Mathematical Methods in Economics (FUN105)

Course description

This course broadens and applies knowledge and skills gained during mathematical analysis and finite mathematics courses. Students learn to solve first and second order differential and difference equations and apply them in economic problem solving. The main attention of this course is focus on static and dynamic optimization techniques and their application in day-to-day problems and decision making of economics and management.

Aims of the course

This course aims to broaden the knowledge and skills in advanced mathematical analysis, which is usually applied in solution of various economic problems.

Learning outcomes

  • To be acquainted with concepts and principles of advanced mathematical analysis.
  • Be able to formulate, model, and solve static optimization problems.
  • Be able to formulate, model, and solve dynamic optimization problems.
  • Be able to analyze solved problems and make conclusions.
  • Be able to convey information sequentially, logically, accurately and clearly, both in written and oral form.