Foundations of Manufacturing Technology (FUN126)

Course description

Engineering fundamentals are essential competence for managers in industry. The course covers necessary engineering knowledge of production process and particular manufacturing operations. After this course students will be able to understand, describe, analyze and select appropriate technology for manufacturing. The course also will familiarize with the conventional manufacturing processes such as metal cutting, stamping, welding, casting and metal adding processes. Course will deliver a knowledge about processing order in technological process.

Course aim

The purpose of this course is to provide an overall introduction and review of manufacturing processes, used equipment, and operation process capabilities, with a strong emphasis on product design, material, process, and equipment selection.

Learning outcomes

  • To understand and describe main manufacturing process using mechanic and non- mechanic technology.
  • Be able to analyze different technologies, their technical and economic aspects and to choose right technology to achieve set characteristics of a product.
  • To describe the main principles of mechanization of production and to estimate its feasibility.
  • To understand and describe how end products are stored, transported, to estimate technical and economic influence of those processes to product quality and price.