2 percent support

Allocate 2% of RIT (residents’ income tax) for the scholarship fund for socially supported youths!

Ieva and Gabrielė are currently studying in ISM University free of charge because of the support of the alumni and the whole community. They have been dreaming about studies in our university for a long time but their parents could not afford that. Over 500 alumni and members of the community of ISM have donated money for their studies. The support changes the destinies of the girls radically.
The fund of the scholarships for socially supported youths consists of the funds donated by the alumni during supporting events as well as 2% of RIT support allocated by you, members of the community of ISM.
The 2% of RIT support donated by the members of the community of ISM in 2014 amounted to LTL 8,284. This is the highest amount of the support so far donated this way. We are grateful to everyone who donated and asked others to contribute.
You can allocate 2% of RIT until 1 May 2016.
The alumni of ISM are involved in supporting activities for the fund of the scholarships for socially supported youths, whereas business companies grant Excellent 100 scholarships for the youths whose grades are the highest. More than 200 ISM students who finished secondary schools with the best grades have studied free of charge since the beginning of the Excellent 100 scholarship programme. Business companies that are participating in the programme granted scholarships to a quarter of them, whereas the rest of the students’ studies are financed by ISM University.

How to allocate 2% of RIT?

In order to allocate 2% of RIT to the ISM Fund, sign in your e-banking directly via a bank or via the EDS website:
  • select “Allocation of support”;
  • select the form FR0512 v.2 and “Complete in the portal”;
  • you will only need to enter the identification code of the ISM Fund: 301818722;
  • you can check that you are allocating the support until 2018!;
  • click “Submit declaration”.

An example of a completed form FR0512 v.2.

You can also print out the form FR0512 v.2, complete it by hand and send to the State Tax Inspectorate of your county by mail or deliver it directly.

Important to know:

  • You have to submit an application to transfer 2% of RIT together with an annual income tax return; if you are not obliged to submit the annual income tax return, you can submit the application to the State Tax Inspectorate of your county personally.
  • If you decided to change / modify your decision regarding allocation of 2% of income, the application to allocate 2% of your income tax which is received by STI the latest shall repeal previous applications.
  • The application to transfer 2% of your RIT must be submitted to the State Tax Inspectorate at the end of the 4th of May at the latest (days 1st-3rd are bank holidays).
  • If you wish to make sure if you can allocate 2% of the income tax paid for the support and how, click the following link.
  • Should you have any questions regarding allocation of 2% of RIT, call (8-695) 27 938 (Jurgita) or write at
  • If you wish us to know that you have allocated 2% of your RIT to us, notify us at