Saulius Olencevičius
Short description / mini CV: 

Doctoral studies in Social Sciences, Management, 6th year doctoral student.


The doctoral candidate is researching feedback management in a company and influence of feedback presentation on the employee achievements. The focus of analysis is on how feedback should be presented seeking to improve the employee achievements.
MA degree in Management and Management Administration was acquired in 2002 at ISM University of Management and Economics. Since 1989 he was employed by different international business companies, and in 2007 he established his own market research and consultancy company. The main activity is management of feedback in companies, which is closely related to the field of research of his doctoral studies.


Olencevicius, S. (2014). Feedback Management in Post-Soviet Countries

Olencevicius, S. (2014). Feedback management in post-Soviet countries. 13th IHRM conference “Book of abstracts”, June 24-27, 2014, Cracow, Poland, p. 122-126, ISBN 978-83-914703-4-3.