New ISM Master‘s programme will prepare sustainability experts

Many organisations around the world integrate sustainability aspects into their strategic goals. Together with these new business models, new opportunities arise as well. While the European Union is detailing new requirements regarding the social responsibility of society and businesses, the need for sustainability experts also increases. It is a new direction within the labour market, which will significantly impact the currently employed business processes, in addition to demanding new skills from employees. Reacting to these changes, ISM University of Management and Economics established a new Master’s programme – Business Sustainability Management.

Dr. Dalius Misiūnas, President of ISM

“Demands for organisations are rapidly changing, which means that their business plans must change as well. More is required from businesses in the field of sustainability, along with calls to assume more responsibility. Thus companies, which hope to stay competitive, will have to incorporate sustainability aspects into their business models. In order for sustainability efforts to become part of a company’s DNA, businesses need to start preparing now. These changes are driving the demand for new sustainability experts and this demand will only increase in the future. Financial institutions, ESG start-ups, consulting agencies, and other companies will have to search for employees, who have a strong understanding of sustainability and ESG concepts, are capable of establishing concrete indices to measure impact, and know how to improve these indicators. In order for the ESG field to have enough skilful and knowledgeable experts, we need to act today,” says Dr. Dalius Misiūnas, president of ISM University.

According to Dr. Virginija Poškutė, the Business Sustainability Management programme director, this programme is unique across the whole of Europe, as students will have an opportunity to familiarise themselves with all different aspects of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance). Therefore, they will be able to holistically approach sustainability challenges across different parts of the business. The students of this programme will be capable of designing sustainable business strategies, will have the necessary knowledge and skills to evaluate the efficacy of already existent sustainability practices across the whole value chain.

“Today, many organisations still put their focus on sustainability practices and their impact upon the company alone. However, often, the negative impact of businesses on the environment is done not within the bounds of organisations, but rather outside of it, i.e. within the production lines and supply chains. The students of this Master’s programme will not only be able to evaluate environmental impacts, but also assess the social and governance dimensions. During this programme, the candidates will develop both soft and hard skills, which will allow them to assess and oversee the ESG practices of many diverse companies,” says V. Poškutė.

According to Dr. V. Poškutė, students will be able to identify problems, assess the environment, develop new business strategies, solve local and global problems in order to achieve sustainability within an organisation,” says V. Poškutė.
Students of this programme will also have a unique opportunity to be part of a study tour and visit the leading organisations in the field of sustainability implementation.

In order to equip students with the most up-to-date knowledge and practices, the Business Sustainability Management programme was created in collaboration with the internationally acclaimed and accredited French Business School “Ecole des Ponts“. Another continuous contributor to the programme is “Circular Economy Alliance“, an organisation, which implements circular economy projects globally, significantly contributes to the application of ESG principles, the creation of sustainable development indices, and shared value creation.

*The programme has been submitted for approval to the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education. The expected start date of the programme is September 1st, 2022.

Learn more about the programme HERE.