Master of Science open lectures session “MasterMind” 2020

Get to know more about International Master studies in ISM:

Participants who will take part in2 lectures will be awarded with a certificate that gives additional +5 points when applying for International Master‘s studies at ISM University of Management and Economics.


3rd of February, 18:00–19:30 Lecturer Merkys Saukevičius “Business negotiation: tips and tricks to craft your performance”

18th of February, 17:45–19:15 Assoc. Prof. Silviu Ursu and Private Equity Investment Manager at INVL Asset Management Rokas Grajauskas  “How to create value in private equity”

3rd of March, 18:00–19:30 Lecturer Andrius Grigorjevas “Building standout brand in a crowded market” 

17th of March DPhil candidate Tomoyuki Hashimoto “Cashless Town: utopia or reality?”

20th of March, 16:00-17:30 Prof. dr. Vida Škudienė and ISM students “Will Artificial Intelligence ever equal human intelligence?”

31st of March 17:30-18:30 Doc. dr. Alfredas Chmieliauskas “Plan for success. Lessons learned in project management” (lecture will be held in lithuanian)

Event is free of charge. The number of seats is limited.