Leaders’ time – 2

The project is performed by the Education Supply Centre together with its partners: the School Improvement Centre and ISM University of Management and Economics.

Objective of the project

Form the basis for the infrastructure of support for the education leaders.
75 employees of the administration of national, municipal and school-level lifelong learning system will learn in line with the Master’s of Educational Leadership Study Programme in ISM University of Management and Economics for four semesters and will acquire a qualification recognized by the state. 

245 national, municipal and school-level education leaders will be provided non-formal studies.


  • The possibilities to develop the leadership competence in Master’s studies and non-formal but recognized development of leadership competences by accumulative education.
  • The supply of consulting services and leadership models.
  • Virtual spread of leadership ideas.
  • Annual national leadership forums.
  • New educational literature is translated and bought; public consultations are organized.
  • The drafts of specific legislation will be presented to the national level in order to reduce regulation and expand the spaces of self-dependence.

Trukmė: 2011.11.25 – 2015.06.15

Projekto suma: bendra projekto suma 11,14 mln. Lt, ISM tenkanti dalis – 2,1 mln. Lt.

Oficialus projekto tinklapis