Živilė Kaminskienė
Živilė Kaminskienė

Doctoral student in the field of Management

Junior Researcher



 Zivile Kaminskiene is a Junior Researcher and third-year PhD student at the Management Department, ISM.

Zivile’s field of research is consumer behavior. Working with experimental design, Zivile researches what decisions, how and why consumers make. Sustainable, circular and healthier consumption are the main areas of interest for Zivile, so research in these areas aims to provide insights into how to bring about positive change in these areas.

In her dissertation, Zivile examines how negative emotions can become an effective motivator for making environmentally friendly consumption decisions. Zivile works as a junior researcher in the Lithuanian Science Council-funded project “Increasing the Effectiveness of Subtle Incentives to Improve Health-Related Behavior” and in the Collaborative Production for the Circular Economy: A Community Approach (POP-Machina) project, which is funded by the EU Research and Innovation Program Horizon 2020 funds. The project, implemented by 23 partners from seven EU countries, is coordinated by KU University of Leuven in Belgium.




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  2. Gineikienė, J., Kaminskiene, Z, Uzdavinyte, E., Fennis, B. & Dewitte, S (2021). Fixing our Reflected Failure: In-group Underachieving Promotes Healthy Consumer Decision-Making. Proceedings of the European Marketing Academy, 50th, (93917)