Vita Akstinaitė




Dr. Vita Akstinaite is Head of the master’s program in Global Leadership and Strategy and Professor at ISM University of Management and Economics. Besides her position at ISM, she is also a Lecturer in Management and a College Board Member at Murdoch University in Perth, Australia. Her previous experience includes working in the United Kingdom at the London School of Economics and Political Science and Queen Mary University. Vita is also a business consultant with ten years’ experience in working on business intelligence programmes in the information technology industry.

Dr. Akstinaitė holds a master’s degree in Organisational Psychology from King’s College London (UK) and a PhD in Business from the University of Surrey (UK), where she was working on identifying linguistic markers of leader hubris. Currently, her research focuses on using at-a-distance analysis methods, including artificial intelligence, to assess specific aspects of one’s leadership behaviour or verbal patterns. She is also researching the future of leadership topic.

Dr. Akstinaitė is also a co-founder of a research initiative ‘The Hubris Hub,’ which raises awareness on leadership hubris and encourages interdisciplinary collaboration. She has worked in and presented her research internationally, including in the UK, Australia, Portugal, the US and other countries.


2021 – Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching (Australia)

2020 – The Leverhulme Trust Collaborative Research Project Grant (UK)

2019 – won the Aspire award, which is awarded for a world-class standard of research conducted in Western Australia (Australia)

2017 – became Set Squared Fellow (UK) and the Higher Education Academy Fellow (UK)

2014 – Economic and Social Sciences Research Council Funding Award (UK)

Research areas:

  • Leadership
  • Hubris
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Linguistic markers

Teaching areas:

  • Global leadership
  • Leadership skill development
  • Project management