Sigita Pranckėnaitė

Doctoral student in the field of Economics



Sigita Pranckenaite is a PhD candidate at the Economics Department, ISM. She holds double MSc in Financial Economics from ISM University of Management and Economics and University of Liege. Prior to her doctoral studies, Sigita gained fourteen-year working experience in the audit industry and became a licenced auditor. In 2020 she published a poem book.

Her research topic is “Assessing the borrowing behavior of SMEs impact on financial distress in the context of crisis”. Her focus is on borrowing behavior in crisis context. Crisis is cyclical and repeats, and companies come to difficult times – part of them go bankrupt. The cost of financial distress is large – according to studies, averaging 6-10 per cent depending on the size of the company. Therefore, it is worth researching and developing possible solutions for companies as well as state institutions to limit the risks of financial distress.