Rytis Komičius

Doctoral student in the field of Management



Rytis Komicius is a PhD candidate for a doctoral programme in Management at ISM University of Management and Economics. He holds three Master’s degrees: Master of Arts in Humanities at LCC International University, Master of Business and Management at Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences and Master of Social Work at Vilnius University. Rytis is also currently completing his fourth Master’s degree in Educational Leadership at ISM.

Broadly speaking, his research area focuses on learning and unlearning leadership. More specifically, he investigates the process of overcoming past-driven thinking to create new knowledge related to leadership competencies, such as emotional (EQ), intellectual (IQ), and managerial (MQ), in Lithuanian educational institutions. His research is interdisciplinary and covers management, education and psychology. Although the study focuses on educational organizations, its results are expected to be valuable for the management of organizations operating in other economic sectors as well.

In addition, Rytis is a head of a high school. He is also a regular initiator and participant of national and international educational projects and conferences, an external evaluator of schools, a lecturer and a provider of in-service training seminars for teachers.