Raimonda Alonderienė
Dr. Raimonda Alonderienė



Email: raimonda.alonderienė@ism.lt

Raimonda Alonderienė has defended doctoral theses on managers’ informal learning in ISM University of Management and Economics, Lithuania. She holds the position of Professor at ISM. She is also People and organization development director at IT company Devbridge.

Raimonda is lecturing in the field of management and human resource management.

Raimonda has been invited to give lectures in UK, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Estonia.

Raimonda is consulting companies and educational institutions in the field of strategic management and human resource management.

The case study written by Raimonda Alonderiene and Margarita Pilkiene has been selected as one of the ten best cases in the Emerald and CEEMAN Case competition in 2013.

Raimonda improves her teaching and research competence in IMTA (International Management Teachers Academy), Slovenia as well as in UK, Estonia, Poland in the workshops led by professors Geert Hofstede, Chris Brewster, Arshad Ahmad, JB Kassarjian, Joe Pons, Jim Ellert, Tony Buono, Paul E.M. Ligthart, Trevor Williamson, Gareth Morgan.

Research areas:

in the field of human resource management and development: lifelong learning, informal learning, unlearning, performance management, intergenerational differences, leadership and project management.

Teaching areas:

– Human Resource Management;

– Leadership in Human Resource Management.