Neringa Ivanauskienė
Dr. Neringa Ivanauskienė

Associate Professor

Phone: +370 5 2123960


Dr. Neringa Ivanauskienė is Dean of ISM Executive School, Associate Professor at ISM University of Management and Economics. Neringa Ivanauskienė has been working for more than 15 years in business and gained experience in the international pharmaceutical market and in the retail banking sector. Neringa spent a few years in the public sector as a former advisor to Kaunas city mayor.

Dr. Neringa Ivanauskienė specializes in Strategic Management, and has more than ten years of experience in teaching and developing curriculum in business management programs. Besides teaching, she actively participates in international conferences and has delivered academic presentations in the British Academy of Management BAM, Academy of Marketing Science conferences. She has participated in a number of research and development projects.

Research areas:
– Marketing
– Strategy
Teaching areas:
– Strategic Management
– Principles of Economics, Business, and Management