Modestas Gelbūda
Prof. Modestas Gelbūda


Phone: +370 5 2123960


Dr. Modestas Gelbūda is a professor at ISM University of Economics and Management, Lithuania. Modestas Gelbuda completed his PhD studies in International Management at AAU in Denmark. During his PhD studies, he was an invited visiting scholar at Stanford University, USA, and Uppsala University, Sweden.
Prior to returning to his native Lithuania, he carried research at the London Business School. Modestas Gelbuda has published in Journal of International Management (JIM), Management International Review (MIR), Journal of Business Ethics (JBE) and other international journals. He served on the founding editorial board of the European Management Review (EMR), an official research journal of the European Academy of Management (EURAM). Currently, he serves as ECSB Country VP for Lithuania and was a chair for RENT Conference in 2013.
Modestas Gelbuda carries out research in the fields of International Strategy, International Entrepreneurship and Strategic Innovation. His focus is on conducting research, which meets the highest standards of academic rigour and, at the same time, generates valuable insights for management practice.
To contribute to the evolving management research tradition in Lithuania, Modestas Gelbuda co-founded a NGO-based research center, and organized a series of high quality research conferences on “International Business in Transition Economies”, doctoral seminars and policy roundtables.
Modestas Gelbuda is actively involved in public and NGO activities. He is or was a board member in a nation wide organizations such as Knowledge Economy Forum, National HRM Association, National Society for Gifted and Talented Children. With the Lithuanian Government, he implemented a major „Lean Government“ project, the first of this kind „best practice“ and research project in the CEE & NIS.
Research areas:
– International Strategy
– International Entrepreneurship
– Strategic Innovation