Kristina Aldošina
Kristina Aldošina

Senior Lecturer



Senior lecturer Kristina Aldošina received her Master‘s degree in Mathematics and is a certified teacher. She started teaching career in 2005, and from 2006 she teaches at ISM University of Management and Economics various mathematical subjects: Mathematical Analysis, Applied Mathematics for Social Sciences, Finite Mathematics, and Mathematical Methods in Economics. Also, she is the Head of Fundamental subjects group – her responsibility is to ensure teaching quality.

“During my lectures, I teach not only how to solve applied problems of business or economics, but also thinking schemes, learning techniques, general approach towards studies and future profession. My teaching philosophy – „start with a question“.

Topics that I teach are already classical fields of Mathematics and almost do not change over time, so my main challenge is to create interesting for youth and relevant to nowadays business and economics applied problems (exercises). Besides, we start and end each lecture with a smile :)”