Kenji Tadakuma
Dr. Kenji Tadakuma

Toyota Corp.



Dr. Kenji Tadakuma is a Project Manager responsible for the development of new technology at Toyota Motor Corporation. He is an experienced intrapreneur involved in new technology development. Since the beginning of the career Dr. Kenji Tadakuma has been working as an engineer, project manager, and as a Research and Development (R&D) officer to develop automobiles and aircrafts. During the doctoral degree studies at Kyushu University (Japan) Dr. Kenji Tadakuma joined the unmanned aircraft research and development project at University of Washington (US). Dr. Kenji completed executive MBA (EMBA) General Manager Programme at Nagoya University of Commerce and Business (Japan) as a top graduate. Dr. Kenji Tadakuma has a strong connection with university professors in fluids dynamics as a branch chief of Japan Society of Fluids Mechanics. Being a project leader Dr. Kenji has developed the world’s best full-scale wind tunnel facility in automobile industry. Dr. Kenji Tadakuma has derived the world’s first prediction formula of aerodynamic drag reduction in multiple-vehicle platooning based on wake analysis and on-road experiments. Dr. Kenji Tadakuma works are published in SAE and JSAE journals.