Jurgita Staniulytė

Assistant Professor



Dr. Jurgita Staniulytė has over ten years of professional work experience at public and private organizations in the USA and Lithuania in areas of economics, finance, innovation and marketing. She received her PhD in Economics from University of Leeds (UK), MA in Economics from Roosevelt University (USA) and BS in Marketing from University of Illinois at Chicago (USA).

“I have presented my reserach at seven international conferences (Innovation, Institutions and Governance; Emerging and Transition Economies; The European Forum for Studies of Policies for Research and Innovation; DRUID Academy, Innovation and Entreprenurship etc.). One strand of my research is economics of innovation, namely internal dynamics and drivers of innovation systems. The other strand of my research looks at the role of institutional entrepreneurship in entrepreneurial universities. I chose these topics due the importance of their role in sustainability of economic development and growth.

Students value possibilities of analysing ‘real world’ economic and business issues and coming up with practical solutions as well as groundig them in to theories. Students learn how to apply critical thinking, use problem solving skills and come up with ‘out of the box’ solutions.”