Dr. Dalius Misiūnas
Dr. Dalius Misiūnas, President of ISM

President of ISM University



Dr. Dalius Misiūnas is the President of ISM University of Management and Economics, located in Lithuania. He has more than 10 years of experience in different business organisations – he has worked at SWECO, Ernst & Young, Lietuvos Energija and Maxima Grupė. He also holds the positions of Independent member and chairman of the management board at Auga group.

D. Misiūnas has a Bachelor’s degree from Kaunas University of Technology (KTU). Upon graduating, he studied at Lund University in Sweden, where he later obtained his PhD. Additionally, he has completed the Baltic Institute of Corporate Governance‘s Executive programme for Professional Board members.

ISM‘s President has also been involved in various educational activities as a member of the Council of Higher Education of Lithuania, as Chairman of the Council of KTU and as a member of the Board at ISM. D. Misiūnas is a member of The Lithuanian University Rectors’ Conference. He also belongs to the Advisory Council of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Lithuania, where he contributes to proposals regarding the strategic work of the Prime Minister. In 2017, he was a Member of the Working Group on Network Optimisation of Public Higher Education Institutions. which was created by Lithuania‘s Ministry of Education, Science and Sports.

D. Misiūnas also conducts research at ISM university. He and his colleagues wrote a study titled „Designing business insolvency model and its application for assessing implications of COVID-19 in Lithuania”.

His research interests include leadership, corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, business development, project management, strategy and planning.

D. Misiūnas actively shares his knowledge with ISM‘s community.. His teaching areas include leadership, strategy and business management. The President of ISM also shares his insights, expert opinion and experience during some of the largest conferences in Lithuania, such as Login or EBIT.