Asta Klimavičienė
Doc. dr. Asta Klimavičienė

Associate Professor



Dr. Asta Klimavičienė is an associate professor at ISM University of Management and Economics. She joined the university in September 2009. Asta was formerly a teaching fellow in finance at Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, where she obtained her PhD. She was awarded a three-year European Commission Marie Curie Fellowship to pursue a doctoral degree.
Asta has presented her research at a number of international conferences, and most recently she received awards for papers presented at Midwest Finance Association Meetings (Chicago, 2009) and Scottish Doctoral Management Conference (St Andrews, UK, 2008). Asta is a program committee member for Eastern Finance Association (EFA) and Midwest Finance Association (MFA) Meetings.
Her research interests focus on the areas of credit risk, emerging markets, and sovereign debt.
Asta currently teaches Financial Management (undergraduate level) and Research Methodology (postgraduate level), and supervises undergraduate internships as well as bachelor and master theses.
Received the Scholar Of The Year 2011 Award.
Research areas:
– Credit risk
– Emerging markets
– Sovereign debt
Teaching areas:
– Financial management
– Research methodology