ISM widens horizons: Study tours to Belgium, Portugal, Great Britain

The world needs more people who are determined and possess the skills needed to solve the most complex global problems. Those who are able to communicate with people from different cultures and communities.

One of ISM University’s greatest strengths has always been its internationalism, respect for other cultures and the desire to be inquisitive. Therefore, we have renewed all our Bachelor’s programmes by enriching them with international study tours to Belgium, Portugal, Great Britain, as well as internships at businesses or study opportunities at selected foreign universities

During these study tours, you will take part in various discussions and seminars, meet representatives from various organisations, learn first-hand how their leaders work and make decisions. Additionally, you will explore businesses up close by visiting organisations such as Moody’s, the London Stock Exchange, the Bank of England or the European Parliament.

* The organisations and institutions are still subject to change. Visits will be arranged if the pandemic situation allows.

** The programme has been prepared and submitted to the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education. Studies are planned to commence on September 1st, 2021