Renewal and modernization of the study infrastructure of ISM

Objective of the project

Ensure the quality, accessibility and compliance of the studies with international requirements by modernizing the study infrastructure of ISM. The following works shall be performed during the project:

  • Audiovisual equipment of the auditoriums will be renewed; its axis will be the panel installed in the lecturer’s pulpit; the panel will enable switching the computer, the projector and sound on/off and lowering/lifting the screen by individual pushbuttons. This will enable going without remote controls that are used currently; identical control panels in all auditoriums will enable mastering the innovation quickly.
  • A new information system of the studies will be installed; a business management system including management accounting and management of relations with the customers, procurements, sales, staff and salaries will be installed later. An additional service station for the new information systems will be purchased. The computers of the auditoriums and of the employees will be renewed.
  • An especially modern auditorium for recording lectures and for remote teaching will be constructed (one in Vilnius and one in Kaunas).
  • A document management and cooperation fully integrated with an Exchange server will be installed. It will replace storage in a common depository in ordinary catalogues and will be fully integrated with MS Office programs.
  • The website serving as the gateway to all other systems will be renewed radically, integrated with social networks and adapted for various devices.
  • A qualitative research tool NVIVO will be purchased for the supervision of the auxiliary technical system and backing up as well as microclimate sensors in the auditoriums will be purchased.

Benefit for the university and community

The project will enable the students, lecturers and employees of the administration using a more convenient and modern hardware and software. It is very important for operative everyday work of the academic community, scientific activities as well as international events and projects that take place.
Duration: 29-03-2011 – 31-05-2015.
Amount of the project: LTL 4.2 million.