ISM students carried out data analysis for one of Kilo Health company’s products

That was a day! ISM Economics and Data Analytics programme students invited Kilo Health, one of the leading digital health and wellness companies globally, to meet and discuss the company’s data.

Paulius Rauba, ISM visiting lecturer on Data Mining for Business Intelligence, invited Kilo Health to share one of company’s product data with ISM students. Following the data protection requirements, students analysed the data and prepared their insights and recommendations for the company. It was a unique opportunity for students to step into the real world of data, acknowledge business challenges and find solutions. Wonderful to hear that Kilo Health found students’ presentations insightful!

Congratulations to all the participants and especially to the winning teams “Data-Driven” (Beržinytė Jovita, Kiseliova Alisa, Petkevičiūtė Evita, Šimeliūnaitė Greta) and “Voveruškos” (Ačaitė Danielė, Adomaitis Justas, Janeliūnas Martynas, Kručkauskas Nojus) who gained Kilo Health prizes.

Thank you to Mr Rauba and Kilo Health team members Petras Šeika, Head of Data, Kasparas Aleknavičius, Head of Medical Affairs and Marius Nakrys, Environment Health Specialist, for helping the project happen. We hope this great collaboration will last for long!

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