ISM launches new International Master’s programme “Global Leadership and Strategy”

ISM has prepared a surprise for those with ambitious career goals, who aspire to be executives and future business leaders – the new International Master’s programme “Global Leadership and Strategy”.

During this programme, you will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to hold leadership positions in any industry – from medicine to technology. Students will undertake a global business project, have personal coaching sessions and receive mentoring from top executives. The latter will provide students with a unique opportunity to make valuable connections and career-friendly contacts with leaders, who will share their expertise and knowledge.

An important uniqueness of the programme is a trip (as an optional study subject) to the Silicon Valley, which is considered the cradle of technology in the USA, where the world’s most famous companies, such as Facebook, Amazon or Apple, are located. During the week-long trip, students will become familiar with the different business stages (from a start-up, young company to a mature company) and learn what different leadership and strategy skills are needed at each stage. During the visit, students will develop practical skills in a variety of workshops, expand their knowledge during meetings with companies and participate in events, where they will make connections that will be useful for their careers and future.

Dr. Dalius Misiūnas

“The concept of an executive is very broad today. It includes good leadership and management skills, financial knowledge, strategic thinking, a global approach, emotional intelligence, caring for your employees and the environment. That is why we need different executives today than those before. So, thinking about the needs of the new generation of managers, the competencies, knowledge and skills they need, we have prepared a new Master’s programme, titled “Global Leadership and Strategy”. It is designed for a modern, leadership-oriented, ambitious and knowledgeable generation,” says Dr. Dalius Misiūnas, the President of ISM University.

The programme will be led by Dr. Vita Akstinaitė. After a decade abroad, during which she implemented projects in Great Britain, Australia, Japan, India and the USA, the programme director returns to Lithuania, looking for an opportunity to make changes in her country.

Dr. Vita Akstinaitė

“After 10 years of working internationally, I am returning to Lithuania with a goal to apply the best global practices to create strong foundations for future leaders. This programme is for pacesetters, problem-solvers and strategic minds, interested in making a difference in the world. It provides applied, hands-on learning experience from the best international lecturers, businesses and leaders,” says Dr. Vita Akstinaitė, the director of the “Global Leadership and Strategy” programme.

Apply to ISM‘s International Master’s studies during early admission! Those who take advantage of this opportunity can apply to the “Accelerate” programme, increase their chances of receiving a scholarship covering up to 60% of the tuition fee, secure a place at university in the spring and are exempt from paying the admission fee!

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