ISM student papers

The best evaluated ISM theses are accessible via Lithuanian Academic Electronic Library (eLABa).

How to search for ISM theses:

1. Select “Library and other resources” next to the search bar and choose “Electronic Theses & Disertations (ISM ETD)”.

2. Type in “ISM” and press Enter. You will be able to see every ISM student paper.  The search results can be additionally filtered by a year, author, keywords etc. which will appear on the left side panel.

There are two types of theses:

1. Unrestricted – freely accessible on the internet.

2. Available on intranet only – available only at university facilities or using connection via proxy server.


Global electronic final thesis database: Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD)

About the Lithuanian Academic Electronic Library:

The Lithuanian Academic e-Library (eLABa), as a national aggregated open access (OA) repository, in accordance with its legal regulation, was started in the end of 2006. The main goals of eLABa creation were development of the environment and tools, allowing preparation, collection, long-term preservation, and permitting access to research and study e-documents, created in Lithuania. eLABa consists of 6 science and study e-document collections: ETD (bachelor and master theses, doctoral dissertations and their summaries); Journals (periodic or one-time reviewed scientific and popular journals and other publications); Books (monographs, manuals, teaching books, their parts and others issues of science and studies); Proceedings (reports at scientific or methodological conferences, seminars and other scientific and educational events); Working Papers (research, development activities and project reports, and other research and study materials, prepared in e-form); Empirical Data (empirical data of research in humanitarian and social sciences). The largest collection of the full-text e-documents stored in the eLABa repositories is ETD collection.