ISM Alumni Organization

The ISM Alumni Organization is an independent association established by graduates of the ISM University of Management and Economics in order to maintain relationships as well as to share knowledge and experience among ISM alumni.


What is the mission of the organization?

We aim to create opportunities for maintaining connections and sharing knowledge and experience among ISM graduates. We also actively seek to collaborate with ISM University on current issues and at the same time building and strengthening the existing ISM alumni community.

What’s in it for me?

Alumni organizations are known around the world for their unique opportunities of helping members of their community to connect with former classmates, find work or employees, clients or partners. Also, to help learn new things or deepen alumni knowledge, share experiences, learn from others and enjoy unique benefits. Finally, to support our “Alma Mater” in future development.

What to expect?

By having two main directions – Networking & Knowledge – we aim to regularly test many formats that will benefit ISM graduates and future members the most. These could be conferences, discussions, training, dinners or parties, sporting events, award ceremonies, trips, etc.

It is important to note that most activities are exclusive only to ISM alumni or members of the ISM Alumni Organization.