Mentoring project

ISM mentoring project brings together ISM students and graduates since 2014. The project mediates them forming a mutually beneficial interaction. ISM alumni from different fields dedicate their time to share their experiences, consult and give advice to ISM students on different career related questions.


Since 2014 ISM Mentoring Project “Alumni to Student” unites students and graduates and helps them to create mutually beneficial connection. ISM graduates from different fields dedicate their time to share their experiences, consult and give advice to ISM students. Mentors help students to understand how to reach their goals, plan their careers and be able to study successfully while simultaneously being able to dedicate time for their hobbies. Even after the conclusion of the mentoring project, both sides are encouraged to continue their communication.

ISM Mentoring Project is implemented with the help of and partnership with “idiaologue” platform. This platform has been created by the ISM alumni Saulius Alksnis in order to lighten the introduction process of mentee and mentor.  ISM is the first university in Lithuania that has an innovative and comfortable way to connect mentees with their mentors.

Who can participate in the Mentoring Project?

  • ISM graduates that want to dedicate portion of their time in order to communicate with young people and share their experience and knowledge with them.
  • Students who are planning their career and want to know how to do it successfully.

ISM graduates from different business fields are ready to devote their time and share experience with you!

Why to participate in Mentoring Project?

  • You will have unique opportunity to learn more about the area you are interested in;
  • You will receive professional advice on career planning (continuation of studies, finding internship or job);
  • If you have business idea, you will get experts advice on how to implement it;
  • You will definitelly expand your professional network;
  • Learn how to overcome challenges and move forward to reach your goal.

You can find all ISM mentors on the mentoring platform “idialogue”.

Mentor’s role

The main mentor’s role is to help a student to improve by sharing his own professional and personal experience. While communicating with a student, mentor asks provocative questions that help his mentee to get more skills that will be useful in the future decision-making situations. Becoming a mentor is not only eye-to-eye contact with students, but also a valuable contribution to the success of future graduates and a step towards stronger ISM Alumni community.

Successful mentor

  • Motivates: shows trust in mentee’s abilities and encourages to try new things.
  • Shares: Teaches and advices on how to make new professional connections.
  • Helps: Encourages free and sincere communication, listens to student’s opinion and reacts to his needs.
  • Teaches: Helps student to grow as a professional and reach goals.

Value for the mentor

  • KNOW-HOW. You will be able to participate in regular Mentors’ trainings.
  • LEADERSHIP. You will have a chance to improve your leadership skills.
  • SHARING. You will share your personal experience and learn something new.
  • JOY. You will be able to feel joy because of your influence towards growth of another person.
  • FULFILLMENT. You will strengthen satisfaction regarding both yourself and your career.
  • SUPPORT. We will help you prepare to become a mentor by providing needed theoretical and practical information and online Q&A.
  • PERSONAL BRAND. You will have a chance to write articles, participate in radio shows and outside events, host trainings, etc.
  • EXTRA INCOME. If the need arises, you will have the opportunity to offer micro-consultations.
  • NETWORK. You will increase the size of your network.