Early Admission

Admission to ISM Undergraduate Studies takes place once a year, with one admission deadline depending on the country of citizenship of the applicant. In order to apply for undergraduate studies at ISM University of Management and Economics, you must submit a full Application Pack to ISM enrollment system online ( To collect the full Application Pack, please follow the steps indicated in Guide to Application, which you can download below. Applicants whose Application Pack lacks one or more documents are not eligible for admission.

GENERAL ADMISSION starts from April 1st.

Please fill in Application Form which is also included  in the Guide to Application. It must be filled, signed, scanned and added together with other documents, while registering via
Please note that applications missing any of the documents listed in the GUIDE TO APPLICATION or missing the deadline to deliver any documents will not be considered for admission.

For additional information please contact the Admissions’ Office:
Arkliu Str. 18,
LT – 01129 Vilnius, Lithuania
Ph.: +370 5 212 39 53
Fax.: +370 5 212 39 61