Erasmus study programme

Want to try how it feels to be international? Point your finger anywhere on the map of Europe – we have a university there for you!

About Erasmus program

Who can participate and what is the selection criteria?

Undergraduate students can go for an exchange from the 3rd semester (except for Finance students, who can go from the 4th semester). Students can apply if they have no more than one failed course. Postgraduate students can go for an exchange from the 2nd semester, in case they do not have more than one failed course.


Students wishing to attend the universities with triple accreditations (EQUIS, AMBA, and AACSB accreditations) must have an average grade of 7 or above.


Students are required to pay regular academic fees to ISM University during their studies abroad. However, they are not required to pay any additional fees related to the costs of organizing or administering Erasmus studies.


The selection is carried out twice a year:

  • For the autumn semester studies – in the second week of February.
  • For the spring semester studies – in the second week of September.

The competitive score consists of:

  • Overall grade point average
  • Extra points for mentoring

Program benefits

Exceptional intercultural experience
Passed exams are credited and included in the diploma
Great opportunity to get acquainted with new ways of learning
Possibility to stay in other European country for half a year


Frequently asked questions

Stipendijų skaičius ir dydis apskaičiuojami kiekvienais mokslo metais atsižvelgiant į tų metų Europos Komisijos ir Lietuvos Respublikos valstybės biudžeto skiriamų lėšų sumą. Stipendijos skirstomos studentams pagal konkursinį balą ir dalyvių skaičių iš kiekvienos studijų programos.

Stipendijų dydis priklauso nuo šalies, į kurią vykstate. Tai sudaro iki 674 EUR / mėn., atsižvelgiant į šalį. Universitetas moka stipendijas dviem dalimis: 80% prieš išvykstant ir 20% grįžus ir pateikus visus dokumentus.

Yes, you can cancel your exchange any time, but you have to notify the International Studies office as soon as possible.

Firstly, you both have to participate in the competition. Secondly, it depends to which university you prefer to go. There are such universities where we have only one or two places available for our students. So all depends on the competition results. If you want to go together, we would recommend choosing less popular destination, then the probability to go together to the chosen university gets bigger.

The list of ISM University of Management and Economics partners is compiled on the basis of compatibility of study content and on the basis of student exchange balance. Therefore, it is possible to go only to those universities with which the subjects are coordinated and an inter-institutional Erasmus + exchange agreement has been signed.

Certainly not, the exchange semester is a continuing education, assessments received during the exchange semester will be credited and included in the Diploma Supplement.

ISM University selects only the best universities in the world by concluding partnership agreements with a foreign university. During the exchange you go not only to deepen your academic knowledge, but also to get to know yourself, other cultures, to live in another country and to gain international experience.

International Studies Office contacts

International Studies Office
ISM University of Management and Economics
Arklių g. 18 – Inobase (II aukštas), Vilnius
Phone: +370 687 08080
Greta Kiškienė
Team leader for International Studies and Erasmus Institutional Coordinator
+370 610 01495
Simona Puidokienė
International Studies Coordinator (Outgoing exchange)
+370 612 17 221
Greta Tarnauskaitė
Coordinator of International Studies (Incoming exchange)
+370 611 25561
Rūta Dailidavičiūtė
Coordinator of International Studies (Full-time international students and migration)
+370 665 50 826
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