Welcome week for new international exchange students

Before the beginning of every semester, ISM International studies office together with ESN ISM (Erasmus Student Network) organizes Welcome Week for new international students.

There is more than 100 international students coming to ISM for the Fall semester and about 60 students coming for spring semester, therefore it is a good chance to meet everyone and make friends before the semester begins.

During the Welcome week there you will have all kinds of activities planned for you - Kick off seminar, picnics, city tours, visiting museums, trips, parties, Lithuanian language crashcourse, cultural introduction to Lithuania, welcomme dinners, and much more.

Participation in Welcome week is MANDATORY. The programme of the Welcome week is announced couple of weeks prior the event.

Find the programme of  Welcome Week 2020 Spring  here.



Do I have to attend ISM Welcome Week? 

Yes! Attendance is mandatory for all new exchange students. If, due to situations or circumstances beyond your control, you must miss all or part of Intro Week, please inform us immediately by sending an email to and after arrival drop by ISM International Studies Office (room 313) to pick up your infopackage.

Where do I get log in information to ISM online platforms?

Log in information is sent to students by e-mail prior the beginning of the semester.


Where do I get my class schedule? 

Class schedules are sent to students by e-mail 2 weeks before semester starts. After students arrival to ISM they are able to access the schedules on Elearning study platform.

How do I change my courses?

Students are allowed to do the changes in their Learning Agreements in 2 weeks time after the semester starts. However, to make the process faster, we organize „Meeting with study managers seminar“ during the first days of Welcome week, where students have the chance to do the course changes right away. You meet your study managers, look at the timetable, see which courses you would like to change, fill in the Learning Agreement form and that‘s it!

If you realize that you want to change courses few days later, once again, you have to come to International Studies Office (room 313). Later changes will not be accepted. 

What is ESN ISM?

ESN Erasmus Student Network is the biggest student organization in European Union. ISM ESN section is a local students‘ representation that is here to help all of you with no matter what kind of issues you have! They will help you integrate to the local society better, they will organize trips, parties and social events for you, they will help you find your buddy – a local student who will be your friend and your mentor, too!