ISM University of Management and Economics is organizing a competition “ISM FLOW” for students in grades 9-12 to enhance their knowledge of economics, business, management, and financial literacy.



The competition is organized in two age groups – one for 9-10 grades and another one for 11-12 grades.

  • Competition day (25 February)
    • ISM University, together with its partners, prepares the competition tasks in a test format and distributes them to the schools where the students perform the tasks on the same day. Those who perform the best are awarded prizes by the University.



The competition is open to all schools with students in grades 9-12. There is no cost for schools to participate.

The competition will be organized in each school which has registered for the event, with the support of ISM University of Management and Economics representatives. When registering for the competition, the school needs to provide the estimate number of participants in the 9-10 grades and 11-12 grades. Based on the provisional number of participants, the University will send the task sheets and answer sheets to the schools. The school will conduct the competition at its premises on 25 February during a selected class time. We will ask the teachers to help by marking the correct answers based on the answer sheet provided, and to send back the best-performing tests to the ISM University of Management and Economics. The best-performing students will receive prizes.

Schools are invited to create a Financial Literacy Day at their school – set up a lesson on 25 February when all 9-12 grades will simultaneously partake in the first-round of the competition at your school!



  • Can the students participate individually? No, the competition is meant to be a school-wide event. If you are a student and you want to take part in the competition, please either contact your class teacher, your economics and entrepreneurship teacher, or your administration and request them to register for the competition.
  • Does the whole school have to participate? No, you simply need one class or the whole grade to register. However, we encourage you to dedicate one lesson for the whole school to work on the economics and financial literacy competition.
  • Is there a fee for the competition?No, there is no cost for the student or the school to participate. It is a gift from ISM University of Management and Economics and the project partners to the educational institutions in Lithuania.
  • What are the benefits of participating in the competition?A well-educated nation is a goal we share together. One of the ways to stimulate an interest in financial literacy is through a competition, where every student will have the opportunity to assess their knowledge of economics and financial literacy, to identify their mistakes, and to work diligently to fill in any knowledge gaps. Financial literacy is a very practical and indispensable skill for every citizen – we are confronted every day with payments, savings and decisions about buying goods and services. At some point in our lives, we consider buying a home or a vehicle – all of these are financial decisions, and we will make better decisions with a good knowledge of financial literacy.



Person responsible for the ISM FLOW Competition:

  • Laurynas Puidokas 
  • International Project Manager, Career Consultant 

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