Executive Master in Management

Executive Master in Management programme provides senior and middle management with the knowledge and practical skills needed to thrive in a global business environment. We help managers build strong functional and inclusive business management competencies based on pervasive managerial thinking and values. Each discipline is studied from a manager-strategist position, not only learning the tools or techniques, but also aligning the growth of the manager or unit with the growth of the company.

Programme benefits

The largest community of executives in Lithuania

Scandinavian experience taken over from the founder – BI

Global Trends in Business Training

Unique executive study content that you model yourself

Lectures are convenient for managers

The lecturers are experts in the topic from Lithuania and abroad


Please note, knowledge of the Lithuanian language is compulsory when applying for the Executive Master of Management program.

General information

Tuition fee for one module

4440 Eur

Master thesis

4440 Eur

Tuition fee for all studies

17760 Eur

Study funding assistance

When you apply for a Master’s degree in Executive Management, you have access to a loan:

State-subsidized student loans are granted on preferential terms through credit institutions (banks). Every academic year, students can apply for a new loan to cover their tuition and living expenses.