Master of Management (MM)

Resilience of Organizations

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Olga Štangej
Head of Module
Resilience of Organizations
The objective of the module
The aim of the module is to develop the ability to analyze an organization from a resilience perspective through individual, group, organizational and ecosystem levels.
Why should you choose this module?
The module is intended for managers who are looking for answers on how to preserve the organization's activities in conditions of constant change, instability or crisis.
Module results
After completing the module, you will be able to strategically prepare an organization for continuous operations, future change and constant change, understanding your role and collaborating both internally and externally.
1 semester
Spring 2023
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About module
What will you learn?
Main topics
About module

How to prepare the organization for future challenges? How to continuously create value in changing, uncertain conditions? The reality of today's organizations is inseparable from rapid change, so competitive organizations are those that are able to operate successfully in circumstances of uncertainty, are able to anticipate challenges, respond appropriately to them, flexibly adapt to them, and in the event of unfavorable changes or shocks, quickly recover. Ultimately, more resilient organizations are able to create value relatively independently of disruption and use change to achieve or enhance competitive advantage. Resilient leadership seeks to ensure both effective day-to-day operations and long-term results based on continuous value creation. Thus, by developing and cultivating resilience, managers help the organization to reorient from short-term efficiency to long-term competitiveness and prepare for future challenges. In the long run, more resilient organizations operate more sustainably in the ecosystem around them, whose participants are inevitably interdependent, and become more attractive to stakeholders, including shareholders, investors, customers and partners.

What will you learn?

During the module, you will develop the ability to analyze the organization from the perspective of resilience through the individual, group, organization and ecosystem levels, you will master the practices of developing organizational resilience, prepare a plan for increasing the resilience of your organization, and apply supporting measures and practices.

Main topics

Main topics of the module:

  • Personal (individual) resistance
  • Group level resilience
  • Institutional (organizational) resilience
  • Organizational resilience in the ecosystem
  • Post-crisis resilience
  • Development of strategies, practices, scenarios
  • Practical tools and techniques for continuous operations planning
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