Success stories

Julija Janulaitytė​

Manager of the Julia Janus lifestyle and fashion brand

A graduate of Vilnius Art Academy Julija Janulaitytė experienced tremendous change in her life and business, when she started managing one of the most well-known Lithuanian lifestyle and fashion brands– Julia Janus – herself.


Aurimas Kapočius

CEO of telecommunication company Eurocom

The CEO of the telecommunication company, Eurocom, believes that empathy is very important to a leader. During his studies at ISM’s Executive Master of Management programme he appreciated not only the knowledge and valuable diploma certifying his studies, but also the opportunity to analyse how colleagues from other industries are solving the same problems he has.


Romualda Stragienė

CEO of the Lithuanian cosmetics company, BIOK Laboratorija

Romualda Stragienė became the CEO of BIOK Laboratorija at the beginning of 2017. Career changes, a large family and teaching at the same time are possible only because of her discipline and flexibility. Meanwhile periodic studies at ISM’s Executive Master of Management programme keep her motivated.


Povilas Variakojis

Director General, „Headex Group“

Flexibility and opportunity to freely choose the subjects to study was what made studies at the ISM Executive School attractive to me. Contacts, discussion and experience of others were equally important.


Asta Kazlauskienė

Head of Marketing Unit in Lithuania, ERGO Insurance Group

I came to study at the ISM Executive School when I was already a rather experienced professional in my own area, but felt a need for change, a greater variety of learning opportunities and personal growth. There were also practical reasons to choose studies of the kind.


Rytis Mėdžius

Director, EXTERUS

Graduate of the ISM Executive School

I enrolled with the ISM Executive School after I graduated from my business management studies at Vilnius University. The key difference was that ISM makes you think rather than conform. Business management is not something you can learn by reading books.


Dalia Andrulionienė

Director of Service Unit and Board member, ESO

Graduate of the ISM Executive School

When choosing to study at the ISM Executive School I felt a need for specific knowledge and thought that my studies would only last for half a year. Nonetheless, I returned after one year because ISM gets a grip on you and does not let you go. 


Laima Čigriejūtė-Vitkauskienė

Head of Communications and Public Affairs for Europe at Roquette corporation

Laima Čigriejūtė-Vitkauskienė, who has more than twenty years of experience in various fields, for the past year has been serving as Head of Communications and Public Relations for Europe at Roquette global corporation. She is juggling these duties with being a representative of Amilina AB, a company producing concentrates of natural plant carbohydrates and proteins. Laima is not happy about the fact that her family may be lacking her attention, but she is happy that she has an exciting job.​   MORE

Milda Mitkutė

„Founder of Vinted

Milda Mitkutė, founder of one of the most famous Lithuanian start-ups Vinted is known to many. However, few know that when the amateur project started to grow into a business, Milda was filling her gaps in the knowledge at the ISM Executive MBA programme.


Mindaugas Jusius

CEO at Klaipėdos Nafta

Since the spring of 2017, Mindaugas Jusius 2017 is CEO at Klaipėdos Nafta AB, an oil and liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal operator. He has come to serve as CEO at this state enterprise of strategic import from the financial sector where he successfully managed Swedbank Life Insurance company. We interviewed this ISM Executive MBA graduate after a year in his new position, asking to share with us his thoughts on new challenges, surprises and the importance of learning.