Executive MBA

Creating Value that lasts

The Executive MBA programme is specifically designed to meet real-world challenges that the participant, as a determined and talented manager, will face in demanding organizations. It will also introduce an alternative business models, thus providing the student with the flexible tools required for solving problems in the future.

The programme is designed to allow the executive to apply the most recent knowledge and management tools directly in his/her workplace. In a challenging but encouraging environment, it builds a deep understanding of core business subjects in all major functional areas, while also emphasizing the skills needed to recognize and adapt to emerging trends and technologies. During the 12-month period of studies, the participant will not only learn but also work on different projects before finally earning the Executive MBA degree.


Programme Structure

The programme is scheduled to take 12 months to complete, with 43 days in total dedicated to lectures, workshops and local study visits – a flexible schedule that lets you study and work without worrying too much about scheduling conflicts.

The Executive MBA programme is structured in 4 modules. All modules in the programme are taught by distinguished and experienced academics and practitioners both from ISM and from leading universities abroad such as the London Business School, DTU Technical University of Denmark, WU Vienna University of Economics and Business, USB University of Stellenbosch Business School (South Africa) and others.


The Programme consists of:

Class Profile
Average age: 38
Average management experience: 10 years
Average work experience: 15 years
Gender distribution: 68 % male / 32 % female

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Executive MBA Programme Modules: