Your Data Is Worth More Than You Think. Transforming data into value.


  • Ada Jonušė, CEO & Co-Founder of Lympo
  • Andrius Didžiulis, Head of Analytics at BARBORA Lietuva
  • Arūnas Umbrasas, ISM alumnus and Data Science Team Lead at Vinted

Date: 11th of February, 18:00 (GMT+2 time zone)

For a reason, data is frequently called the new world‘s currency. Incorporation of data into all areas of business activities has become essential, whether it is building products, developing solutions, or enhancing buying experience. As customer-centricity is the key nowadays, businesses that employ insights drawn from consumers‘ behaviour are capable of outperforming peers by up to 85% in sales margins according to global analytics company Gallup. But how do companies transform data into value? How do they handle big data? Do companies only benefit from utilizing data, or whether the value is delivered to customers either? What resources are needed for companies to refine big data and why people working with data are of crucial importance?

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About the speakers:

Ada Jonušė is a CEO & co-founder of Lympo, formerly an app connecting blockchain with health data which experienced rapid expansion in the U.S and South Korea. After leaving European politics, Ada worked with hi-tech startups in the U.S. and later founded two startups herself. Ada is also a co-founder of W@, a network for women professionals, and LT Startup Tribe, a startup community in Lithuanian and abroad.

Andrius Didžiulis works as Head of Analytics at BARBORA Lietuva. Together with his team, they are delivering excellence in service by extracting actionable insights from data.

Arūnas Umbrasas is ISM alumnus and works as a Data Science Team Lead at Vinted. Arūnas leads a team of data scientists who collaborate closely with various departments of the organization to leverage internal and external data for decision-making and operational efficiency.