Employed by 3 companies at once: the new reality in 5 years?


  • Edita Znutienė, HR Director for Baltics at Cognizant
  • Ilma Nausėdaitė, COO at the Remote Company
  • Dalius Misiūnas, president of ISM

Date: 21th of December, 18:00 (GMT+2 time zone)

Before 2020 everyone thought they do know everything… Do not let it happen with your future career!

The future of work holds much unexpected. Join the discussion of TOP experts and learn how to become a professional who is ready to navigate his/her career through the challenges. 

During the discussion, you will find out what kind of employees will be most sought-after by top companies, what combination of skills, knowledge and expertise will be most essential, how your future workday will look like, and importantly how you can lift your future career to new heights!

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About the speakers:

Edita Znutienė is an HR Director for Baltics at Cognizant Technology Solutions Lithuania. She is an expert in process implementation of human resources, change management, strategy development, and leadership. She is an active member of the Association of Personnel Management and has been on its Board for 4 years.

Ilma Nausėdaitė is a COO at the Remote Company. It’s a network of remote-first companies, like MailerLite, MailerCheck, MailerSend, and Ycode. Their team is composed of more than 100 talents that work and live in 30+ countries and in 14 different time zone. The Remote company believes that hiring remotely had a huge impact on their business success.

Dalius Misiūnas is the president of ISM university and the chairman of „AUGA Group“. He has worked in organisations such as „Maxima Grupė“, and „SBA Group of companies“.