COST: Dynamics of Virtual Work

COST – European Cooperation in Science and Technology. The aim of this program is to coordinate scientific research financed from national funds, to support European research cooperation in the implementation of new ideas and initiatives. COST Action is a cooperation network initiated by European and other countries' researchers working in certain research and technology development fields. Currently around 350 COST activities are carried out. 

In 2014 ISM researchers have joined one of the COST Action on Dynamics of Virtual Work, thus ISM is participating as a partner. This activity brought together researchers from 30 European universities. ISM was represented by prof. dr. Ilona Buciuniene and PhD student Audrone Nakrosiene, who were the part of „Creativity, skills, knowledge and new occupational identities” and “Innovation and the emergence of new forms of value creation and new economic activities” working groups. ISM team participated in implementation of activities, organizing research conferences, seminars, training schools, presented research works at international research conferences, PhD training schools. During the implementation of COST programme activities the network with universities, researchers as well as joint research projects have been developed.

The final International scientific conference on Dynamics of Virtual Work was organized by ISM team on September 14-16th, 2016 at ISM University of Management and Economics. Please visit for more information about the conference here.

More information about the project you can find here.


ISM researchers: Prof.dr. Ilona Buciuniene, Audrone Nakrosiene

Funding: COST – European Cooperation in Science and Technology