International students experience


‘From the very first day at ISM, I was certain that this was the place that would help me to pave the way to success and the point where all my goals and dreams would be fulfilled. ISM has helped me a lot to create a better version of myself. It enriched my knowledge in Economics, Business, Finance, and many other subjects, not to mention the friendships and connections I have made during my fulltime studies. With so many international students, professors, international opportunities with many partners across the globe, I had a pleasure to feel the world closer to me, while being in the corridors of ISM.

International Business and Communications is the study program I chose and I am glad I made this decision, it’s the program where you can study how everyday business life and economy work around the world, how different cultures engage with each other and run the business. All of the subjects are fascinating thanks to the professors who create an inspiring environment and make studies even more interesting.

ISM has proved to be a high-quality university many times and is keeping doing the same nowadays. Even during these challenging and hard days of a virus outbreak, ISM has managed to maintain its quality and absorbing studies using the online method. I hope ISM will continue developing and reaching new heights in the future!’

Giga Bokuchava from Georgia

​International Business and Communication student




‘Choosing to study at ISM was the smartest decision I made. The study quality and all the programs are designed to meet the modern business and job market standards. The international exchange program opportunities are one of the greatest experiences that students should not miss. I was selected for the bilateral exchange in Colorado, USA and had a great opportunity to expand my knowledge and cultural diversity. Moreover, I had a double degree program at INSEEC business school in France and chose the Finance concentration at the end of my studies. Knowledge and skills my university gave me are extremely useful in my work. As I started my career at PWC as an auditor and currently I am the investor relations manager at Wazi winery gained knowledge and discipline helps me to develop as a highly qualified professional and deliver the best service for my company as well as for my clients.’

Mariam Davituri from Georgia

​International Business and Communication program alumna





‘There are many good things about ISM, but the most important one is that ISM is not just university – it is Home. The home where you always feel accepted and if you work honestly – respected. The home where your parents – lecturers help you to learn that everything is not so complicated around you if you spend some time on research. The home where you have brothers and sisters – bright people with whom you learn how to act, listen, solve conflicts, and lead people. I got into this university without knowing what I want in my life, by accident, but graduated it with confidence in myself and my future. I feel huge gratitude to the ISM community for that major contribution to me.’

Piotr Yakubovich from Belarus

International Business and Communication alumnus





‘Studying at ISM gave me an incredible opportunity to explore not only Lithuania but 2 other breathtaking countries, which are Australia and Austria. Knowledge and skills received at ISM were helpful during the exchange period both on study and communication level since the university attracts a lot of international students from different countries. Thanks to ISM my dreams to see the world became real!’

Aleksandra Maslovskaya from Belarus





​‘I started International Business and Communication studies at ISM university because my goal was to push myself in areas that I lacked proficiency. My time at ISM has helped me to develop not only a higher level of communication skills but also a presentation of myself. I feel that ISM has been a major contributor to my growth in the spheres of business and personal life.’


​Taylor Miller from the United States.

International Business and Communication alumnus






‘I loved my time as an undergraduate student at ISM. The university helped me to develop a broader and more sophisticated skillset and instilled in me a rigour with which I approach work. I was also excited by the calibre and enthusiasm of the faculty who created a stimulating and enriched environment for learning.’


Nini Gigani






‘There are five key advantages of ISM against my other university, which I left:

  1. At ISM, no one cheats on exams; that’s indeed true. So, first of all, it is nice to know that everyone’s grades are fair and, second, it is motivating you to study, so that you obtain real knowledge.
  2. No lecturer is biased, so your grades are entirely fair, and the grading system is transparent. Your grades won’t be affected by your attendance, your hair color, or the way you dress up. Only your knowledge and your performance matter.
  3. All professors are very supportive and genuinely trying their best for students. Namely, if someone is asking to repeat or explain in other words - such requests are being fulfilled. Any time students can email professors and ask them questions or make an appointment. The interaction, which is being encouraged, allows you to benefit 100% from classes.
  4. You are not forced into doing anything, and even attendance is up to you. Here I am specifically talking about situations when universities, using the intimidation of expelling or taking away your place at a dormitory, are forcing students into becoming members of a state organization, or to vote for a particular candidate on the election, or participate in events, students may not want to.
  5. And last but not least, what I am thankful to ISM for is the magic, that during these two years, ISM made me a confident person, who has his voice, has an opinion, and is not scared to stand for it; ISM made me feel a leader.’

Katerina Barysheva from Belarus

Finance student