Career week

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This year even Career days have changed. Wonder why… But we made the best of this situation and invented something new. So we are presenting a new way of Career days: Career happens here – where people meet, greet and seek.

Career Happens Here: it is a two week matter and in that time you will be introduced with 14 companies in totally different way as you were used to.

Workshops Happen Here

Here you will have an opportunity to take part in three online and live workshops. How to WOW a recruiter with your resume? Is it important to have a good social media image? And tips & tricks for your first interview as a professional.

Be prepared for your career to happen, register to the workshops HERE

Connections Happen Here

In this part you will have an opportunity to have a look at the culture of different companies. Beginning on 26 of October, you will find 8 videos of top wanted hiring companies. What will be the process? When we post the video, you will see all the positions which they would like you to apply for. So it is a real possibility to find a job, internship or to participate in an interview. Use the knowledge you gained in workshops and present yourself in the best possible way. 

P.s.: The best CV’s will be shared with specific companies.

Ideas Happen Here

On November 12th we invite you to join us online! 4 companies will share their ideas about the future HR trends, digitalization and other. 


17:00 – „The Future Work Now: Response to Major Trends Impacting People“, Lina Petruškevičiūtė & Rūta Stanevičiūtė (EY, Senior Managers)

17:30 – „Your Own Brand Manager“, Andrius Agafonovas ( SEB, Global process manager)

18:00 – „What Employers And Employees Expect From Each Other?“ Marija Miselytė (Cognizant, Trainings Lead)

18:30 – „Career Planning – Stay in a Corporate Job or Join a Startup to Hypercharge Your Growth?“ Vaidotas Urba (Vinted, CFO)


Registration to this conference:

Would you like to be by our side every step of the way? Don’t be shy and join our little party!

Career Happens Here Videos



“Danske Bank”

“Bitė Lietuva”





Nuotrauka 8.5.1

Career fair

ISM Karjeros dienos metu vykstančioje mugėje dalyvauja daugiau nei 30 įmonių atstovų. Tai puiki galimybė užmegzti vertingų ryšių, susirasti praktikos vietą, pristatyti save, užduoti klausimus apie karjeros galimybes geriausiose verslo įmonėse.

Networking afternoon

In the networking afternoon we invite the most active and motivated students of ISM – representatives of ISM clubs, members of organizations, the most motivated students. In addition to getting to know ISM students in an informal environment, you can also build closer relationships with ISM clubs and organizations, discover opportunities for communication and future collaboration.

  • Value for your company / organization
  • space for communication with students during the career fair (3.5 hour fair event)
  • one company representative is invited to interact with the most motivated and top ISM students in the networking afternoon (1.5 hour event)
  • placing the company logo on the ISM website
  • company logo and presentation used in event communication
  • organize a company lecture / seminar / meeting with students or look for other forms of collaboration

Participation fee – 200 Eur + VAT

Participation for ISM Excellent 100 programme partners is free.


Contact person

Živilė Gribulytė

tel. (8 5) 212 39 61



Date and Time Topic
27th October 16:30 Building Your Resume (Online) Paula Zeikmane and Milda Zarankaitė, Google
3rd November 16:30 Level up your image in social media: 5 steps checklist. Odeta Valiuškytė, IBM and Storyfounders
5th November 16:30 Job Interview 2020: Real & Online | Tips & Tricks from PwC Recruitment Experts
26th October – 11th November Connections Happen Here (video)
12th November 17:00 Conference – “Ideas Happen Here”