Career consultations

Need an advice on writing a resume or a cover letter? Arrange a consultation via e-mail

During consultations students will be able to:

• Discuss their career development opportunities;

• Review and adjust their curriculum vitae (CV) and cover letter;

• Prepare for a job interview;

• Discuss the opportunities of internship and job search;

• Evaluate job or internship proposals.

Consultations are available for all ISM students and graduates.

CV – Provide information on your current knowledge, experience, skills and competences.
Wozber CV Creation Tool
Canva Design Website

• education place/institution

•specialization/area of interest

• academic achievements / awards
• exchange programs

•  įcompany name
•  work/internship position
•  duation started / finieshed
• write few sentences about the nature of the work, the responsibilities you had. To be exceptional, record your accomplishments at work, challenges overcome, skills acquired

• organization
• position
• completed tasks, organized events, completed projects

• languages and proficiency levels
• computer literacy

What personal qualities can you record as your strengths in the professional field

Show your versatility and interesting hobbies

Add contact for recommendation

Do not know your career path? Take the career test

A sincerely written cover letter will show the employer your serious intentions towards the company and the position and will reveal your personality better.
The cover letter does not need to duplicate the information provided in your CV, it is important to tell more about how you fit in with the position, why you want to work for the company. The letter should be clear, short, professionally written and necessarily error free.

Content of the letter

What is the objective of your letter

Contact person name,

  1. Paragraph: Who are you? Why are you writing?
  2. Paragraph: What made you interested in the organization? Why do you want to work here? Why work for this company?
  3. Paragraph: What can you do for an organization? What knowledge, skills and experience you have, what value you could created? Why company should choose you? What are you unique about you?

Paragraph 4: What do you expect from this job and how does it relate to your career plans?

  1. Paragraph. End of letter: Acknowledgments, information about documents attached, suggestion for an interview or further contact.


Name surname

Note: This is only a recommended letter form. Be creative and stand out from other candidates.