Sustainable Process and Technology Management

This forward-looking programme is meant for 21st century management professionals who want to be at the forefront of the constantly-evolving field of industrial technology.

Developed in partnership with the prestigious Illinois Institute of Technology in the USA. During your studies, you will learn the latest and most successful management techniques and gain the necessary knowledge and skills to lead an automated workplace. You will leave this program with in-demand set of core competencies that will enable you to lead a team of technicians and engineers and implement the digitization of various operations.

After graduation you will be able to answer these questions:

How can I manufacture my product better and cheaper than the competition?

Manufacturing companies

How can I use technology to revolutionise the way I make my product?

Technology companies

How can I make my new product idea a reality?


How can I identify the best products to invest in?

Investment companies

ISM alumni work at these national and international companies

Executives of the largest international companies operating in Lithuania say ISM University provides highest quality education.

2019 Quarterly Lithuanian Investor Confidence Index Survey

Photo of a digitized textile processing manufactory

Explore international manufacturing companies

During the visit:

Visit innovative Lithuanian manufacturing companies

Network with potential employers

Get acquainted with management, processes & innovations of forward-thinking companies

Visits will be arranged if the pandemic situation allows.

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General information


3 years + bachelor thesis

Study language


Bachelor of Business Management

Additional opportunity – double degree at the leading business schools

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Spend part of the course in Lithuania and in the USA or France

Partner universities


on average higher salary compared to graduates of other LT universities

Data: Lithuanian Government Strategic analysis center, graduates of  economy, finance and management, 2017

1800 €

average salary after tax 2-3 years after graduation

Survey of ISM graduates 2019


graduates would recommend studies at ISM to friends or family


graduates are employed in their degree field


lecturers from abroad

Every 3rd

owns a business


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Kristina Aldošina
Senior Lecturer

Kristina Barauskaitė Griškevičienė
Assistant Researcher

Alfredas Chmieliauskas
Associate professor 

Maik Huettinger

Pavel Lebedev

Sigitas Petkevičius

Tadas Šarapovas

Vida Škudienė

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Exchange and double degree programmes at over 100 universities, one-third of which have at least one of prestigious business university accreditations (AACSB, EQUIS, or AMBA)

Brigita Kavaliauskaitė, Portugal

Exchange semester filled my life with joy and happiness. I discovered an accurate description of the perfect moment – conversations while watching a sunset, afternoons with loved ones, the discovery of new places, like-minded people. Even when I return to Porto after the exchange, I feel like I’m home!

After graduation you will be able to:

Explain why some manufacturers succeed while others fail


Predict trends in manufactured goods markets


Improve the way a product is manufactured


Apply technologies to make products more efficiently


Develop managerial solutions to transform a struggling manufacturer


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