Sustainable Process and Technology Management (admissions will start in 2024)

During your studies, you will learn the latest and most successful management methods, you will learn how innovations are born, you will learn how to manage projects of various sizes and you will be ready to lead a team of technicians, engineers or programmers.
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About the program

3 years + 6 months bachelor thesis
Bachelor of Business Management
210 ECTS

Program benefits

Modern ways of learning
Knowledge and skills required to manage an automated workplace
Fundamentals of sustainable business processes
Fundamentals of digital transformation in companies
There is a strong global demand for sustainable supply chain managers to ensure that the entire company's supply chain is replaced with sustainable ones. The graduates of this program will delve into the disciplines of sustainability, digital transformation and smart manufacturing to meet the current demand for sustainability experts
Eigirdas Žemaitis
Programme Director of Management of Sustainable Processes and Technologies

Enroll in the best Economics, Management, and Finance studies in Lithuania! ("Reitingai", 2023)

Program structure

1 year
2 year
3 year
4 year

What will I learn?

You will learn what effective leadership is and how added value is created in companies
You will understand how the market works and why it is important to know the supply and demand curve.
You will learn what that marginal utility is and how to properly calculate the price of a product

What will I learn?

You will understand what the digital transformation is and why it is so relevant in the business world today
You will get acquainted with the digital tools used in business and learn how to use them
You will learn how to streamline your business with digital transformation

What will I learn?

You will learn to manage business processes sustainably
You will study the most effective ways to manage your supply chain
You will understand how to organize procurement in response to sustainability challenges

What will I learn?

You will be able to use all the knowledge gained during your studies and internship in writing a bachelor's thesis to solve a real problem in a real company
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What kind of career can I pursue after finishing this program?

Sustainability process consultant
Sustainable supply chain manager
Innovative Production manager
Process digitization consultant
Engineer team leader
Production engineer
This program combines technology management, operational management, and social sciences into a cohesive whole. The studies at ISM directly helped me to get a job as a supply chain management specialist at Samsung, where I can successfully apply the acquired technical, managerial and supply chain management knowledge. Due mainly to the complexity of supply chains, this program directly addresses existing business issues and teaches you how to manage processes more efficiently and effectively.
Karolis Stramkauskas
Samsung Electronics supply chain management specialist


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