Aurimas Kapočius

Aurimas Kapočius

CEO of telecommunication company Eurocom


The CEO of the telecommunication company, Eurocom, believes that empathy is very important to a leader. During his studies at ISM’s Executive Master of Management programme he appreciated not only the knowledge and valuable diploma certifying his studies, but also the opportunity to analyse how colleagues from other industries are solving the same problems he has.


Learned how to manage business processes

I have completed three modules from ISM’s Executive Master of Management programme: Strategic Management, Marketing and Leadership. The Marketing and Strategy modules were very valuable, as my company was in the process in repositioning itself at that time – we had decided to focus our main activities on internet-based services. The Strategic management classes helped me to bring structure to the transformation process at my company and decide how to manage it further. It’s not always easy to apply new knowledge, but it is very valuable to know the framework. I have noticed that a lot of decisions in business are based on intuition or common sense. When compared with theory, sometimes the decisions are in line, but there are situations when they are not.

The Leadership module differs from the other two. I chose it, because I had not studied psychology or similar sciences before. That was a challenge. I like that I had a chance to leave my comfort zone. Many joke that after this module they change their job or spouse, but there weren’t any big transformations in my life. I am quite a rational person, and it was very interesting to look at myself from a distance. I have learned one lesson for life – changes start with yourself.

For future students at ISM’s Executive Master of Management programme I would like to suggest to them that they be “here and now” in whatever they do. If they choose this study programme, they should dedicate the time for it without any distractions: attend all classes and focus on their studies. Only then will they feel the true benefits.