Asta Kazlauskienė

Asta KazlauskienėAsta Kazlauskienė

Head of Marketing Unit in Lithuania, ERGO Insurance Group


I came to study at the ISM Executive School when I was already a rather experienced professional in my own area, but felt a need for change, a greater variety of learning opportunities and personal growth. There were also practical reasons to choose studies of the kind. One of them was the possibility to select specific study modules that were in line with my interests. The flexibility of studies and opportunities to reconcile studies and intensive work schedule was a great advantage, too. 

I think that a manager must have sufficient professional knowledge in his own field, but that alone is not enough. It is very important for managers to be able to communicate, to impart their ideas onto others and to hear others. During my studies at the ISM Executive School I deliberately tended to choose to work in the same team with the people who were unlike me and whom I could not understand in order to get to know them better through work. It was not easy, but it would always work. Now I think that one of my strengths is my ability to reach agreement. I feel I can communicate without any bias and accept others the way they are.

The studies at the ISM Executive School encouraged a different way of thinking. As a result I started wondering of what I want to do next. My area of work changed and I even became a PhD student at ISM, which I successfully reconcile with my business life.

I wish all managers to focus on much more than deepening their professional knowledge alone, because emotional and leadership competencies are equally important. Nowadays changes in life happen extremely fast, therefore, it is very important to remain open to new experiences in life and at work and to follow the resulting social changes.