Alumni support

In 2012 ISM alumni became involved in fundraising activities to collect financial support to the scholarship fund for disadvantaged people. Since 2012 more than 500 alumni together with students, parents, and university staff supported this cause. Since 2013 three students from need based families have been awarded scholarships, which provides opportunity to study free of charge and broaden their professional perspectives. Currently two students, second-year student Ieva and third-year student Gabrielė are studying at ISM because of the Need Based scholarship. At the beginning of studies one more student Greta was a receiver of this scholarship. All of the girls dreamed of studying at ISM but either parents or guardians could not afford it. Scholarships are raised during charity auctions, graduation gift, golf afternoons, 2% RTI and occasional alumni support for scholarship fund. Scholarship receivers are selected by the committee of Alumni, which evaluates candidates' social activities and financial state of the family.



ISM Masters Club, established by the alumni, has been awarding most active student for ten year now.

In the photo you can see a moment from the charity evening of ISM Executive School community, which gathered more than 100 alumni in the aim of raising money for need based scholarship fund.

You can feel the atmosphere of the evening in the video created by the team of alumnus Ignas Versinskas from „OddFilms“.