Here you will find detailed information about admissions to ISM University of Management and Economics

Information for Students With Special Needs

As a socially responsible university, ISM University of Management and Economics (hereinafter referred to as ISM University) is equally inclusive to special needs and non-special needs students. Students with special needs are welcome to apply in all ISM University programmes. University strives to offer a healthy and enriching environment to support, guide, and encourage students with special needs to participate in general student activities within the university and/or beyond;

  1. During the application process a student is strongly advised to inform the Admissions manager about the condition and support needed. Admissions manager will reach out to the Study Service department to consult if the issue can be resolved. Meanwhile, the application will be on hold. If the decision is taken that the offer can be made, the admissions will be informed, and the application process will continue. If the ISM University decides that it is not possible to adjust, the applicant will be informed and provided with reasons as to why no reasonable adjustments were possible.
  2. Students with the relevant supporting documentation (e.g. medical notes and/or reports from psychologists) are eligible to apply for appropriate support without compromising academic standards.
  3. Students are responsible for informing the ISM University (their Programme manager) about any special needs which may impact on their studies or engagement in the life of the ISM University.
  4. Students have the right not to disclose their special needs / disability or to request that the existence or nature of their special needs / disability be treated as strictly confidential and therefore not shared with relevant staff across the ISM University. Requests for strict confidentiality may mean that a less satisfactory adjustment is provided or that no adjustment can be provided. Where a student informs the ISM University that they have special needs / disability, the ISM University will treat all personal data in accordance with the GDPR; Special needs / disability-related information with the agreement of the student will be shared internally only on a need-to-know basis in order for support and reasonable adjustments to be implemented.
  5. It is possible for students with special needs / disability to request additional time to complete an examination where their special needs / disability impairs their ability to concentrate, read, write or formulate responses. The student is responsible for informing ISM University’s Study Service department at least a month before examination.
  6. It is possible for the student with special needs / disability to ask for the extension of a deadline to complete the task.
  7. Where a student with special needs / disability has missed a class, they are responsible to make up any missed learning. They will be able to access relevant learning materials on the course’s Moodle page and can also make use of office hours for individual support.
  8. It is possible for a student with special needs / disability to request an individual Study plan. The student is responsible for informing the ISM University’s Study Service department at least a month before the start of the Semester.
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