About ECTS

European Credit Transfer System

The aim of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) is to ensure academic recognition of studies undertaken abroad, to improve co-operation between institutions of higher education, provide standardised and comprehensible information about study programmes, and set general principles for recognition of academic results. The European Commission initiated this system and it was launched in 1989.

ISM University of Management and Economics can be proud to have been awarded with a European Credit Transfer System Label for Y2006-2009 and Y2009-2013, which is granted only to institutions of higher education that impeccably apply the European Credit Transfer System. The fact that only about twenty European universities out of 1500 have been awarded this ECTS Label illustrates that really stringent requirements and evaluation criteria are applied. This international recognition allows ISM to be one of the European scientific institutions recognised as exemplary exchange partners, and students have the opportunity to choose the best institutions of higher education for their exchange programmes.

You can find more information about ECTS at official European Commission webpage.

ECTS information package

The main information about the study programmes offered and practical advice about living and learning conditions in a country.

Information on the Institution

ISM University of Management and Economics was established in 1999 as the first private Government - accredited business school at university level in Lithuania and remains the only one private higher education institution offering three cycles of studies: bachelor, master, and doctor.

Academic authorities
General arrangements for the recognition of prior learning:
ISM University has recognized procedure for Recognition of Academic Credits.
Qualification Requirements and Regulations:
Description of the Lithuanian Qualifications Framework        
Description of General Requirements for the Degree-Awarding First Cycle and Integrated Study Programs          
Description of General Requirements for the Master's Study Programs          
Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading. Graduation Requirements:
Regulation of Studies as ISM University of Management and Economics            
General registration procedures

ECTS credit allocation based on the student workload needed in order to achieve expected learning outcomes

The Study programmes at ISM University of Management and Economics are measured in terms of ECTS credits. ECTS based on the students workload and is necessary to achieve intended learning outcomes. One credit stands for 27 hours of total study time. Each semester at ISM is not more than 30 ECTS.
Arrangements for academic guidance: Code of Ethics, Regulation of Studies, PhD Regulation of Studies