2021, watch out! Young innovators are coming.


  • Jonė Vaitulevičiūtė, Partner at Startup Wise Guys
  • Mantas Kondratavičius, Head of Supplement Products at Kilo Health
  • Danielius Stasiulis, Founder of EdTech Lithuania and a Co-Founder & CEO of BitDegree

Date: 16th of December, 18:00 (GMT+2 time zone)

Innovations rule the world, but who rules the innovations? The answer – young leaders, who don‘t believe in the status quo and work hand to hand with the future, or in short – innovators!

Innovations come to life in many ways: through digital products, new technologies and services. Whether we are talking about a young entrepreneur, product owner or project manager, anyone can demonstrate successful innovative leadership skills, regardless of the position they hold.

Are innovations inseparable from leadership? Who are those who innovate? How can one become an innovator? What does the future hold for innovations?

Join the discussion by TOP experts from Startup Wise Guys, Kilo Health and BitDegree to find out!

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About the speakers:

Jonė Vaitulevičiūtė, ISM Alumna and Partner at Startup Wise Guys – Europe’s most experienced B2B startup accelerator and one of the most active early-stage investors in the Nordics.

Mantas Kondratavičius, ISM Alumnus and Head of Supplement Products at Kilo Health – a Lithuanian digital health startup.

Danielius Stasiulis, Founder of EdTech Lithuania and a Co-Founder & CEO of BitDegree, one of the leading EdTechs in Lithuania which revolutionizes education with blockchain based smart-incentives. Previously, Danielius has spent 10 years in management consulting at Civitta, where he served as a Partner and a Board member developing the Startups and Innovation stream.

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