About programme

Since 2011, ISM University of Management and Economics offers the ISM 100 Talents Partnership Programme, and local companies, ISM alumni, partners and friends are welcome to set up scholarships for one hundred best students in the field of social studies. The aim of this programme is to ensure the opportunity of the most gifted students to acquire high quality education in Lithuania free of charge.

ISM 100 Talents Partnership Programme is supported by the study fee funding – companies are asked to contribute to covering the difference between the university study fee and the funding offered by the state. Several years ISM funded this difference from its own budget for part of the best students. Now free admission is offered to an even higher number of young people. In 2014/2015 academic year 100 Talents Programme offered free studies to 179 young people, who graduated high school with the highest scores. One fourth of them received scholarships from business companies, while the studies of the rest were funded by ISM University.

The programme includes organisation of student and general business activities, during which the students meet business representatives, carry on discussions, solve business related tasks and come up with original ideas. The students use the model of the Stanford University, which is designed for creation of innovations based on the needs of consumers. The students have an opportunity to learn about various profiles of businesses at a very early stage, be present during the meetings, and work in mixed teams alongside the students of different study years and specialities. (It is not only the programme participants that are able to take part in such practical activities involving business, but also students accepted into the business teams by means of motivational selection).

Scholarship sponsors have a possibility to meet ISM students, companies can participate during the events organised by the university, such as career days, and make use of the spacious technically equipped rooms according to an agreed schedule. In honour of the long-term sponsors ISM auditoriums carry their names.